10 August 2007

Sesame Place

Last weekend we headed out for some fun out at Sesame Place. Jenna was thrilled to see Elmo and to stay in a hotel for the weekend with Madison. It was like was long sleepover party for her. The rides were great, though she could have done without the Roller Coaster. We went on just about everything in the park. Weather was great all weekend. Thank goodness for the water rides to cool us off since it was well in the 90's on Saturday all day. It really was a fun weekend and I know both Jenna and Madison had a blast. Enjoy the pictures.

Taking a whirl on the spinning teacup.s

Jenna getting a big hug from Elmo.

Jenna and Madison jumping around on the bouncer.

They loved the double stroller. This was taken at the start of our first day in the park.

Hanging out in the Grocery Store on Sesame Street.

Mark and Jenna riding the Elmo Fish ride.

Me and Madison riding the Elmo Fish ride.

Mike, Jenna, Jen and Madison trying out the Elmo Free Fall ride.

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