24 April 2007

I think Spring has finally arrived

So Spring has finally arrived. The weather was beautiful all weekend. Michele, Richie and Luke ventured into Bayridge Saturday for a visit. It was great to see them and we enjoyed Luke's first visit to Brooklyn. Jenna was so excited to see Luke. She loved giving him kisses on his head and petting his hands.
Sunday was Earth Day and we headed into the city to Central Park. We enjoyed the weather by having a picnic and listening to a concert that was specifically for the kids. They had the bands that appear on Noggin, so Jenna was thrilled.

Mike and Jenna enjoying the picnic.

Me and Jenna enjoying the picnic.

Jenna, me, Richie and Luke having cupcakes at Little Cupcake in Brooklyn.

Mike and Luke

Baby Luke

The proud parents

Jenna and Madison dressed up as princesses.

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Allison said...

Did you see LAurie Berkner? Was it really crowded? We were thining about going, but then i realized it was the same day as my Godson's communion. A few of my friends were planning on going though and it sounded cool. We would definitly do something like this, next time we should plan it together!