26 March 2007

No more diapers!!!!!

So as it states above, no more diapers!!!! Jenna is finally potty trained! She has been doing great with her big girl underwear. She likes to show it off and tell you she is a big girl now. We are so excited and so very proud of her.
Sunday was the Bayridge St Patrick's Day Parade. Grandma Gladys came down to Brooklyn to watch with us. Even Madison, Jennifer and Mark with Aunt Mandy came out to watch. The weather was great - spring is finally here.
Jenna and I waiting for the parade.

Jenna and Madison watching the parade.
I just loved her cheeks. She was puckering up for a kiss.
Here is the little mommy-in-training rocking one of her babies to sleep.

Here is a new picture of Luke. I finally got to hold him :)

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